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Gucci by Lapo Elkann

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What happens when you combine one of the world’s most powerful luxury brands of the world’s most eccentric style icons? Disaster may think the Conservative ranks readers. We our site says just the opposite after seeing Lapo Elkanns collection for the Italian fashion house Gucci. (more…)

Pitti Uomo 84 – Isaia Napoli Spring 2014

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Next booth from the Pitti Uomo fair that we got stuck extra for the Neapolitan Isaia. With a colorful expression, daring designs and construction of world class, it is easy to be inspired by this charming Italians. (more…)

Eleventy Autumn 2013

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The range of kontemporärt tailoring fashion from Italy just gets better and better every season. One of the main recent years is eleventy that, like Brunello Cucinelli focuses on creating classic men’s wear in a nerklätt and relaxed performance. It combines close-fitting double-breasted jackets but short cargo pants, heavy boots and rundnackade shirts. (more…)

5 x Cable Knit Cashmere

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in Tops

Cashmere sweater is a wardrobe of real cornerstones. A garment that the public can easily be mistaken for wool or cotton, but the wearer can give a feeling that is more or less unprecedented. We believe that cashmere sweater makes itself best in a cable knit design and can be worn well over a shirt […]

Cesare Attolini Autumn 2013

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When it comes to hand-sewn clothing, there are few if any beating Cesare Attolini fingers. As the uncrowned king of the Neapolitan style where craftsmanship, fabric and quality are standing in the main focus is Cesare Attolini one of our biggest favorites here at our site. For fall, the brand inspired by Rome and let […]

Isaia Napoli Autumn 2013

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One of Italy’s most exciting brands under us at our sites playful but well-made scary Isaia Napoli. A craft and the material world class can often result in sober, portable and sometimes almost boring creations but of Isaia is not back on something. This is undoubtedly the large panes mark and if you think the […]

Gieves & Hawkes AW 2013 – Hand Tailored in Britain

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Gieves & Hawkes boasts perhaps the most prestigious address in London. No.1 Savile Row, and now the company has chosen to honor the British origin and glanced at his own bespoke section when one produced a collection of hand-sewn garment made in Britain of the highest quality, design and cut.

Wardrobe Cornerstones – Button Down Shirt

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in Tops

Cutaway- and turndown collar are all very well, but the shirt that feels most useful is according to us the shirt with button-down collar. The small buttons keeps the shirt collar in place, making it perfect for a sweater or unbuttoned a few free cotton trousers holiday. If you want to dress up the model […]

Lalle Johnson Gabucci Spring 2014

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A guard of spring collections from various fashion houses, you are by now accustomed to our site. Today it is time for something else. It is Gabucci store in Stockholm that have chosen to make their own spring campaign with selected products from the segment and it is no less stylist, style icon and creative […]

Berluti Spring 2014

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Today we look at one of the newer premium players in the market. French Berluti has for decades been strongly associated with some of the world’s most exclusive shoes. Models of many almost be regarded as works of art. Since autumn 2012, the company has seriously stepped into the clothing industry and the launch of […]

Wardrobe Cornerstones – Cotton Trousers

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The documentation of vårgarderobens cornerstones goes on and today we’ll look at an option in byxväg. Some call them chinos but what we are aiming at is an elegant and dressed cotton pants that will spring to autumn counterpart flannel trousers. Well-dressed, versatile and portable! We have looked at several manufacturers, passport forms and hues […]

Job Jackets From Drakes London

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Ties and accessories from Drake’s London has exposed extensively here at our site. For a good reason when they deliver high quality and a sleek design. With Michael Hill as creative director and partner to develop the company in a direction that we think is very interesting. We got the chance to meet the company […]

Huntsman Spring 2014

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A few weeks ago released the venerable Savile Row tailor Huntsman their RTW collection for summer. The classic tailoring in London have begun to launch clothing becoming more common. We have seen it from eg Kilgour, Norton & Sons, and in recent times also from Thom Sweeney. The price level is just as craft level […]

Mackintosh Philosophy

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Scottish Mackintosh perhaps most associated with raincoats and outerwear have from time to time appeared here at our site. The company will soon celebrate 200 years were pioneers Charles Mackintosh invented a sort gummibehandning that made cotton garments became water repellent and very practical. Something that was extra awaited at the rainy British Isles at […]

Canali Spring / Summer 2014

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One of the strongest players in the classic Italian men’s fashion is undoubtedly Canali. Since 1934 it has provided Italians, American presidents and stylish Swedes with a top clothing. Today the company is run by the third generation Canalis and we have looked into the spring collection.

Ahead of Pitti Uomo 86 – G.abo Napoli Made to Measure

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So this week before the summer edition of Pitti Uomo in Florence; the year’s most important event in classic fashion, we begin to our site make clear our busy schedule. The idea is that during a few intense days in the Tuscan heat collecting us as much images, impressions and editorial material as possible for […]

Cleeve Drakes MTO Shirts

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in Tops

We have previously written about in our site to Drakes London expanded its business by buying the two venerable British skjorttillverkarna Cleeve of London and Rayner & Sturges. This initially led to Drake last winter began selling the first finished the shirts under the name Cleeve Drakes. Now six months later, Drake launched two new […]

Our Site Meets – B & Tailor

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Pitti Uomo has become an important gathering when it comes to men’s fashion. At the last edition we took the opportunity to meet B & Tailor; one of Asia’s sharpest tailoring, for an interview. This tailoring has been getting little out of a cult status in the menswear blogosphere because they are very good at […]

Teaser – Eton X Eidos Napoli

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Swedish Skjortspecialisten Eton launches this fall one of the season’s most interesting collaborations. The company along with Italian Eidos Napoli developed a capsule collection consisting of a pair of unique products. The collection will be sold exclusively in Eton’s flagship stores in Stockholm, London and New York later this fall. Our site is the first […]

Cruciani & Bella – an Amazing Hole in the Wall

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As stated here on our site, we have a particular penchant for things with a little extra. We are eerily fond of when something is well done and when there is a great deal of craftsmanship behind a product. Today’s text here on our site will be of little tighter completely but aiming to inspire […]