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Ede & Ravenscroft – London’s Oldest Tailor

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I must admit that I have a particular fondness for the well-tailored British style. Although I lived in London and have been there more times than I can count, I had until recently never been inside of Ede & Ravenscroft. On the occasion of the upcoming wedding and the need for a formal shirt suitable for tuxedo probed the terrain sharply in London during my last visit. (more…)

Tom Ford Spring 2014

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Then we were back after a prized Easter leave characterized by good food, plenty of rest and good company. Today we will start with the next reports from spring news. There are men fashion perhaps the most influential designer of the past 5 years, a man who more or less dressed every star in Hollywood and carried great responsibility for the broad slagens comeback to the spotlight. We are talking of course about Tom Ford and we have looked into the spring collection. (more…)

Brioni Spring 2014

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We have already mentioned two of the most prominent in male clothing in the form of Cesare Attolini and Kiton. Both with its origins in southern Italy, and more specifically, Naples. Today we highlight the third major player in the Italian top clothing namely Brioni. Unlike the previously mentioned competitors are Brioni Northern Italian and Rome’s pride since the mid-1940s. (more…)

Kiton Spring 2014

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Today we highlight the spring campaign from one of the world’s top 3 main kavaj- and costume manufacturer in the clothing segment. It is Neapolitan Kiton at a price level just as dizzying as the number of hand-stitched details. Unlike some of its competitors in the same price range are rarely Kiton again when it […]

Sunspels Our 2014

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Last week, it was here at our site much focus on that spring finally arrived. Act on all fucked up, however, has done that in any case we are on the west coast had to live with biting wind and rain. Anyway, it feels winter far away and we will continue, despite scattered showers and […]

Thom Sweeney Launches Collection for Mr. Porter

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At a time when the demand for high quality and genuine products has increased tailors experiencing good times again. A firm of Mayfair in London that we have mentioned here earlier on our site Thom Sweeney. This young company with duo Luke Sweeney and Thom Whiddett spearheaded contribute in their way to taking the classic […]

Eidos Spring 2014 – “This is Rome”

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Next spring collection we have chosen to watch a little closer is for us Swedes relatively unknown one. It is now Eidos which makes its only second spring collection but already managed to make a name for himself as one of the most affordable and exciting players of classically tailored menswear. With a combination of […]

Hancock’s Cooperation with Alstermo Use

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Last fall, did you, as a reader of our site here for the first time acquainted with the ancient Scottish raincoat manufacturer Hancock. A company with as long a history and with the same quality as the far more famous Mackintosh. In present time the company has made a big bet, and have become hot […]

Oscar Jacobson’s Spring 2014

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The Swedish winter has its charm, but despite this, we believe that there are many of us who yearn for spring and penniless. Once the sales have now begun to recede and spring products are just beginning to show up in the stores can be a good idea to plan their vårinköp. Our site had […]

New Year Inspiration

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So here at the finish of the year 2013 we would like to give you some inspiration for the Le Grande Finale, New Year’s Eve. There is something special about this night when the common man will dress up and toasting in champagne. We can not guarantee that the party will be the most fun […]

A Summary of My 2013

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Normally, we try our texts and the inspiration we give you here at our site to be neutral and not too personal in taste and style. To some extent it will naturally subjective, because we choose what is published. Today, however, the idea that in a little more personal way to look back at the […]

Wardrobe Cornerstones – the White Shirt

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We have previously mentioned the amazing versatile button-down shirt that makes itself in our opinion the best in light blue. Versatility and casual feeling in all the glory but no shirt – or garments at all feel like an important cornerstone of the male wardrobe than the white shirt. The version we are mainly aimed […]

Seasonal Job Outerwear

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We have dealt with the classic overcoat and overcoat but for those who know that the days of the jacket and suit is easy to count, we have options for a smart casual in casual interpretation. Depending on temperature and climate, there are lots of nice options that keep the style in the winter.

Orazio Luciano – La Vera Sartoria Napoletana

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Kiton, Isaia, Attolini and Rota. Famous Tailoring from Naples are plentiful but today we thought we highlight and talk about a little less but oh so talented player from the region. Orazio Luciano or La Vera Sartoria Napoletana (the real Neapolitan tailoring easily translated) is one of the tailors of Naples which has received considerable […]

Charles Tyrwhitt – an Affordable Baskostym

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As loyal followers might have noticed tend many of the brands that we show up here at our site to be in the higher price segment. We rarely write nor the price of a commodity. One of our thoughts is that the things we highlight will be the inspiration for your readers. Our ambition is […]

Dimensions Sewn with Cesare Attolini

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It is very tailoring currently our site. About a week ago we wrote about the traveling tailors NapoliSuMisura and today we look at one of the leading kavaj- and costume manufacturers in the world. When it comes to clothing, there are few if any manufacturers that hit Naples-based Cesare Attolini fingers. What can top the […]

Wardrobe Cornerstones – the Blue Jacket

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Last time we mentioned button-down shirt, and now it’s time for another cornerstone of the male wardrobe. We’re talking today about the blue jacket. A garment that we believe that every man should own, but that can look very different depending on the season, cut and details. Whether it concerns a stronger flannel for the […]

5 Things to Consider – the Trouser Silhouette

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An eternal debate in the male fashion is the trouser silhouette and fit. Whether you like a short, slender and modern, or a little more classic width and length, there are a number of things that come into play. We have selected five aspects that all come into play when to find the right.

On Visits to the Tailor – Thom Sweeney

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At the London Visit made recently and that has resulted in a series of texts here at Manolo we decided to do a more extensive visit to the relatively new tailor Thom Sweeney in Mayfair. This is a company that we talked about a year ago here at Manolo and that made us so curious […]

Trunk Clothiers London Celebrates Three Year Anniversary

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Although we our site recent years increasingly has come to highlight the Italian companies and brands when it comes to stylish fashion so you can not get out that much of the very classic and tailored fashions originated in London. We may find that the British classic fashion can tend to be a bit stereotypical […]