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Best of Pitti Uomo 86 – Isaia Napoli

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Next brand in the series “Best of Pitti Uomo 86” is Neapolitan Isaia. A mark with loose ties to Eidos Napoli who started the series. As usual presents Isaia much color, designs and impeccable craftsmanship. Few if any brand Isaia trumps when it comes to the fair stands, where the invited visitors are greeted by a three-star chef serves lunch, a small sewing room and company representatives presenting SS / 15 collection. (more…)

Linnegatan No.2 Launches Webshop

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Linnegatan No.2 at the corner of the Iron Market in Gothenburg is undoubtedly one of the city’s premier men’s stores when it comes to both supply and service. Now also store the rest of Sweden the chance to assimilate at least the former in the form of a newly launched online store. The shop is constantly updated with new products but there is already an inspiring selection of jackets from Gaiola, shirts from Barba, shoes from Edward Green, the first webshop in the world; little autumn news from Drake’s. (more…)

Eton x Eidos – Exclusive Priority for Our Site Readers

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As we wrote about a few weeks ago, the Swedish skjortföretaget Eton for the fall put together a collaborative collection with Italian Eidos Napoli. We give you readers some exclusive previews of products and now you will get something even better; our site readers offered namely an exclusive priority to see and buy the products in the collection on the morning of 28th August. (more…)

Brunello Cucinelli Fall 2014

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We venture to say that no brand had more influence on the male vogue the last 5 years than Brunello Cucinelli. With a consistent design philosophy, the company has gone from small player to the world’s leading source of inspiration. Cucinelli has been a strong contributor to the development of casual elegance that is growing […]

How to Wear a White Shirt Casually

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Classic white shirt too? With these 25 ideas for looks spotted on Pinterest, you will definitely change your mind about this basic essential! This is a basic, indispensable for all wardrobes-if it’s not, it’s time to remedy!

10 x Autumn Blazer

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Last week we tipped about this autumn’s most important footwear and today we look at the body. The jacket is one of the garments that clearly defines both the style of the season and although there are many qualities that works all year is the feeling of picking up of flannel, tweed and cashmere from […]

The White Shirt Three Lessons

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Nothing is more flattering than a white shirt. GQ gives you the codes for good in all situations. Yes GQ changes his mind like a shirt! If this summer, we advise you to adopt a flower pattern in the fall, we ask you simply to forget in your closet (or burn on the altar of fashion, c […]

Glen Allsop x Eidos Napoli Fall 2014

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One of the season’s most interesting brands Eidos Napoli. With a balance of Italian tailoring, American sportswear and a touch of Scandinavian minimalism has been taken #Menswear segment by storm since virgin collection summer 2013. In the autumn as in spring, has collaborated with the very inspiring photographer Glen Allsop and autumn collection goes under […]

Victorian Collar Shirt

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Reminiscent of the major-league era, Victorian shirt brings a bit of poetry in our urban outfits. Quick guide to take ownership without seeming disguise.

Womens Long Sleeve White Shirt

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Obvious piece of women’s wardrobe, the white shirt back yet. Back on the route of a garment that has defied the traces of time. Contrary to appearances, the white shirt has long been considered an undergarment. In the 19th century, she had to stay out of sight, under the jackets and coats of man. In reality, only the […]

Ways to Wear Striped Shirt

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Confined to the uniform workwear, striped shirt dbride now in favour of stylistic conjugations of the boldest. Anthology of these new twists fashionistas spotted around New York fashion shows.

What to Wear with Plaid Shirts?

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In some seasons, the plaid shirt has become essential. But apart with jeans, with what do you wear? We found the solution. The Plaid Shirt, a Classic Fashion If the plaid shirt was born in the 19th century in Irish and Scottish regions, it is clear that today it still has not aged. Heir to the tartan, the […]

How to Wear a White Shirt in Summer

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Heatwave forces, it twists our eternal white shirt in many ways.Demonstration. The white shirt knotted to a retro spirit As Kirsten Dunst, you can wear the white shirt knotted at the waist with a skirt in denim or suede for a pin up spirit of the 50s . Our fashion tip: With a denim high waist way Marilyn Monroe, the […]

Wear Band Shirt to Work

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Integral part of the uniform studious, shirt never stops reinventing itself for an on-duty put more stylish. The proof 25 models. Must the work uniform, the shirt will appear soon as a stylistic catchphrase that it is hard to root out.  But that was before the fashion and fast-paced trends, this season seems to decide to attack […]

Ways to Wear a Dress Shirt

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As practical as classy, ​​the shirt dress is a valuable ally for the summer wardrobe. The proof required 5. If you do not know what to wear with this weather-slinging mid-Toussaint and you flatly refuse to deny your summer wardrobe, the dress shirt seems to be  THE  part you need.  And because it fits all occasions. Demonstration.

How to Wear a Shirt With Style ?

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Ollaaaaa! Attention reversal of the poles at 360°! We are the upside, the world reversed, our universe turned upside down… And yet we are not in a capsule of the Apollo 13 space shuttle or spatio-temporal orbit. No, no nothing like that! If your Girl Scouts are all vice and versa, because we realized that the world was […]

Why Choose a White Shirt?

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The colors have their meanings, and choose to wear a white shirt can have a symbolic unsuspected. Although white is not exactly a color, it is omnipresent in our societies. In the West, white is often synonymous with unity, perfect balance. Used for weddings, white refers to the purity, virginity, peace, generosity, brightness, or to perfection and […]

How to Wear the White Shirt

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It symbolizes the elegance but also the cool side and effortless. Just wear it to feel dressed, kind of like the little black dress. Our site and Our site gives you some ideas to look good in a white shirt. Originally the white shirt is a men’s underwear. It is from 60-70 years she joined the women’s […]

How to Wear a Denim Shirt

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Denim shirt is a garment that has existed for many years but is it all? Well, we would say. It depends on. Just like when it comes to finding the right denim pants are the same when it comes to denim shirt. It should be tight or oversize, with or without friction? Light or dark? With or without the distinctive details […]

How to Recognize a (Beautiful) White Shirt

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This is a recurring question of my shopping sessions: “This is how a beautiful white shirt? “. Unless you have lived with BHL, we have the right to question.