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Anna Rachel Dresses Summer 2015

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Anna Rachel dresses Italian Summer with the capri style. The main colors?White, black and fuchsia, for a classy woman who loves comfort and style.

Chic and elegant style with a touch of glamor to the summer collection of Anna Rachel.

For the Summer 2015 Anna Rachele offers a collection inspired by the Italian style. The leaders proposed, along with those of the spring collection, accompany us in a sort of guided tour through the main Italian cities, capturing in each the style and themes: Milan – Fashion and Design, Rome-Cinecitta, Capri – Italian summer, Venice-art and beauty.

The main colors of the collection are three: white, black and fuchsia.
The clothes offered are versatile, perfect to achieve mainly look elegant but not only, can give a touch of glamor and chic even to a casual outfit.


How to Wear White Dresses

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The white dress comes first to mind for many it a great day of love, a wedding party and the bride. However, the white color of the dress is not exclusively reserved for the bride, but you can feel free to grab, the everyday and special occasions.

The subject of this paper, therefore, is the same white dress with accessories, etc. by means of editing to get to work in every situation. For example I have a wonderfully versatile long and in a good way simple widening towards the hem of the dress.


How to Match a Plaid Shirt

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The checked shirt is a leader “basic” that should not be missing in any wardrobe, whether of a man than a woman. The plaid shirt, is a classic revisited in a thousand ways and repeated every season with special, additions and innovations that make it from time to time, always different and trendy. If the summer just around the corner you are looking for some tantalizing idea to renew your look, any suggestions on how to match your plaid shirt you find yourself in these passages.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • Skirts, midi, jeans, leather jackets etc


Razer Nabu X Smartband

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For some time Razer, the company’s gaming machines and accessories, is on the market for smart bracelets. They presented several devices with fitness opportunities – Nabu Watch, bracelet Nabu, as well as its smaller brother the X Nabu the Razer. That it will look in more detail today in the current review.

Bracelets and Watches Together

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Discover the colorful miniature treasures that will characterize the Summer 2015. OPS! Cherie are the latest in home Opsobjects, company that from 2010 combines one pop and fun style to the idea of ​​international fashion design. The fashion jewelry bracelets and watches OPS! Cherie are characterized by bright colors, inspired by the trends of summer […]

How to Wear a Cape Coat

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The cape is back in fashion this winter season 2014, the head vintage flavor and appearance always very refined, that in the latest collections of the luxury brand has seen truly original interpretations. Capes and hoods have become in recent months an article that can not miss in the private collection of a true fashion victim, especially in recent versions that […]

Fashion Print Leggings

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Lately I’m always times found again Print Leggings surfing – be it with generous floral pattern, giant animal heads or Galaxy Print. And at H & M, I have now discovered that. At first I found this usually rather showy parts pretty ugly. But as almost always so nunmal with me, the longer I looked at these things, […]

Benefits of Wearing a Sports Bra

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Girls and women often associate sports bra with physical activity, and if you’re one of them, here is a quick look into the benefits of wearing a sports bra. Doctors, experts, and more importantly, everyday women you recommend the use of a sports bra. 1) Avoid Discomfort with a Sports Bra Do you go to […]

Swimwear 2013 Decathlon

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You are a sporty woman who does not want to give up the glamor on the beach?The beachwear collection Decathlon is made just for you! The swimsuit choice is always difficult but the proposals of the brand Decathlon for summer 2013 are very bright and sparkling, costumes suitable for all sports women but not only! The new collection […]

How to Choose the Right Size Bra

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Also, you choose your underwear mostly by design? Sure it does, it does so most of us. Cut and shape is much more important. But how to choose the right bra? When you walk down the street, try to look around and you’ll notice how could such an inappropriate choice of harm silhouette figures. Under clothing looming unsightly bulges […]

Benetton Underwear Collection

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Today we present the collection of underwear Undercolors for autumn winter 2010 2011, a line of intimate colorful, fun but also sexy, in perfect Benetton style. The new collection is divided into three lines that are: Poetic Rebel, Strong Appeal and Wool is Cool, together are able to interpret the style of each of us, at any time of the day, […]

How to Properly Wear a Belt

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The important accessories – it’s right to choose them and knows how to wear them. Some look fashionable ladies belts to wear them with specific objects from the closet. And some see in store for stylish ladies belts stunning beauty and can not they give up without thinking to him about how to wear them.

How to Choose a Bra Size

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Surely you have some experience with a selection of bras, but if not, never mind. We have advice for beginners who have never worn a bra. It’s a strange feeling when a girl becomes a woman stands before a mirror and discovers that she could wear a bra. We therefore advice for everyone, even for a man who […]

Intimissimi Bras Where to Buy

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Just bring your own linen used in the shop to receive discounts on the collection 2013. The initiative is valid also for costumes Calzedonia. “Recycling pays”: this is the slogan launched by Intimissimi to communicate the initiative of underwear recycling for 2013. The transaction active in all participating outlets throughout the country, makes it well […]

Pearl Necklaces with Pendants

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The pearls are measured by millimeters of their diameters. These figures can not say much because those who are not in the business, but for us it is of fundamental importance. This is why we have made this little guide that can help you in choosing your pearls and the following pictures will help you […]

What are the Best Sports Bras

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Sport makes people happy. Regular exercise promotes good health and helps to burn excess body fat.During workout the right clothing can not be missed. More and more fashion labels take fitness clothing on in their program.Sweaty athlete in jogging pants and simple shirts with advertising prints are rarely to be found more in gyms. Those […]

How to Buy Vintage Watches Online

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When we talk of ” vintage “, generally it refers to something produced at least 20 years ago, which maintains superior characteristics for quality and manufacturing compared to current products. In some cases we can speak of ” vintage style ” when it comes to something modern, but built in the style in vogue a few decades ago. One of the […]

How to Wear Large Necklaces

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Introduction In recent months are back in fashion, among the hottest accessories for women, large necklaces: necklaces with big pendants, and heavy metal, wood. The great necklaces are a fundamental part of a fashionable outfit and accentuate its essence. Still, it is very easy to wear them properly, and it’s easy to stumble into some mistakes. That’s why I decided to write this short and simple (but […]

The Most Beautiful Watches

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Classic, sports, gold or steel: that gives him the coolest man watches for 2016. Watches that passion! Yes, girls is precisely the case to say why the clocks, from the classic template until you get to the more sporty, accessories are not only useful but also essential because they complement and enrich any outfit. Timeless accessories […]

Fashion Ladies Wallets 2016

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The spring/summer collections 2016 have wallets in ever more fashionable and sophisticated models, especially in lines maintained by luxury fashion house, reflect the distinctive elements of it-bags of the moment. The hot season rewards as always brilliant colours contrasting tones, vitamin and print motifs and small and large applications, elements that are not lacking at the coolest creations in the […]