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Luisa Spagnoli Evening Dresses

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The collection of wedding dresses 2015 Luisa Spagnoli is a perfect opportunity to fashion victim spigliate and cheeky, a line where short dresses and long sought after models are declined only in the most beautiful colors of the season. The brand, one of the most beloved by fashionistas and celebrities from our home, wanted a selection of feminine and refined models, but with original details. (more…)

Wedding Gloves for Bride

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The wedding gloves are a must-have accessory for women who love fashion and want to be in step with the trends. But forget the long satin gloves, too classic, and think instead a short and chic gloves model for a bohemian look and back. Short gloves fact come down to the wrist and they’ll be fine with any outfit, as long as not too princely. Course will be indicated if your dress has short sleeves, but also to three-quarters: think for example to a typical 50 year old model with three-quarter sleeves and short gloves, really chic! (more…)

Wedding Guest Hairstyles with Hat

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Accomplices also the royal wedding of William and Kate, today we will give some tips to the invited to the wedding who want to wear the hat. First of all it is worth highlighting one thing: the hat you can wear only if you choose to wear it also the mother of the bride; if not avoided, or replaced the hair with a headband or a hair accessory for more detail. Also avoid too much make you take your hand: remember that in England wearing hair accessories and hats at the ceremonies is almost an obligation, which we are not and we are much less accustomed to this custom. The term never forget it so elegantly, who obviously hates the excesses! (more…)

Wedding Etiquette for Guests

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You think it is a bit ‘anachronistic to talk about the wedding etiquette in 2012? Remember that reviewing some etiquette rule is always useful, especially for occasions like marriage! In addition, follow certain traditions can help organize the most special day of your life: in this way you will go on the safe side in the choice of the small details that […]

Pronovias Formal Dresses

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The by Pronovias 2014 wedding gowns are truly wonderful: a perfect rainbow of colors for girls who have to attend a party and want to be elegant. You will not be spoiled for choice among the many models, long or short, but also among the colors proposed. Blue, pink, blue, green, yellow and many others. To Pronovias is a very elegant and […]

The Most Beautiful Bridesmaids Dresses

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The bridesmaids of the bride should carefully choose their clothes for the big event. All-American tradition, that of the bridesmaids is a custom that is gaining foot more here too. Bridesmaids are the friends of the bride to come into the Church in procession before her wearing the same clothes or otherwise combined with one another. The bridesmaids we are the witnesses that in addition to […]

Wedding at the Beach What to Wear

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How to dress for a wedding by the sea? This season are in fact many married couples who decide to celebrate their big day in a unique location, with a ceremony on the beach and dancing in the moonlight. If you were invited to a wedding by the sea, even your clothing will be studied in detail. The first tip is certainly […]

Carlo Pignatelli Evening Dresses

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The collection of wedding ceremony in 2015 signed Carlo Pignatelli, for she offers a variety of choice, despite the few models presented for the women’s line. As always, the Italian brand excels by elegance and refinement, with a series of proposals to suit every occasion and distinguished by the quality of materials. Modern and sober lines are a must for Pignatelli, who […]

Versace Collection Evening Dresses

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For the ceremony important Versace has designed a beautiful collection of dresses to be proposed to invite, modern, original lines of inspiration a little ‘futuristic, made ​​of refined combinations of materials and sensual details and chic. It is undoubtedly a collection of high fashion , perfect for those who have to attend a wedding or an exceptional event and want to show off a unique look and […]

Winter Wedding Gowns with Sleeves

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The winter from gowns are provided in many shapes and trendy colors in the new collections for the ‘Autumn / Winter 2014-2015, models dedicated to daytime or evening weddings proposed in evergreen colors but also in trendy patterns in line with the must-have most glamorous of the moment.

Zuhair Murad Formal Dress

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The collection of wedding dresses 2015 Zuhair Murad includes ethereal creations, dresses and suits inspired by haute couture royalties, declined in very intense colors. The Lebanese designer is now the first choice of all the stars for international red carpets, no surprise then to find among his proposals clothes unique ceremony, which literally left speechless.

Wedding Gowns by Christian Dior

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The 2015 collection of wedding gowns by Dior is one of the most fashionable and characteristics of the season, a line featuring a mix of styles, shapes and colors games that will certainly not go unnoticed. The French fashion house, leader in red carpet creations, offers a selection of short dresses, long and elegant coordinated where the most chic trends […]

Franc Sarabia Wedding Gown Collection

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The vestments of the new Franc Sarabia 2015 collection follow the trends of the fashion season and are well suited to different occasions. Minidress by the models in long evening, the Seville brand has a wide variety to ‘invited, with a range of very varied and original colors.Spearhead for the collection? The hat, very chic and retro feel, a dear habit to British […]

Wedding Dresses by Tony Ward

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Tony Ward runway at AltaRoma AltaModa fashion 2009, an event that is taking place these days in the capital. The lead designer on the catwalk his new women’s collection, which will be entirely dedicated to the victims of violence.And the proceeds from the sale of a suit going to helping associations dealing with defending women.

Lorenzo Riva Wedding Dresses

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Lorenzo Riva has created a women’s fashion collection very elegant and chic.During the fashion show AltaRoma AltaModa, the designer proposed apparel inspired by Luchino Visconti: clothes that have been worn by beautiful models who walked the catwalk. The designer Lorenzo Riva presents a collection with dresses really special: on the one hand, you can see in our Picture Gallery. “You see […]

Mermaid Wedding Guest Dresses

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The by mermaid wedding gowns are designed for a very elegant and exclusively wedding that takes place in the evening or late afternoon. We have the habit of wearing clothes like those that we propose in our gallery is not widespread: they are seen more as evening dresses and reception although fashionable, all-American, to wear long clothes and a bit […]

How to Dress for a Fall Wedding

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You do not know how to dress for a fall wedding? If you will have to attend a reception wedding in the coming months, we advise you to immediately start to think about what to wear. First you have to consider that the ‘autumn the weather is very changeable, and you might sometimes see a temperate and pleasant day, but also […]

Dress for a Wedding Guest Winter

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How to dress for a wedding in the winter? Do not panic, the possibilities are endless and you can play combine clothes and accessories that are both warm, stylish, comfortable and fashionable. For ‘autumn-winter 2013/2014 t adorns the fore white and black, the perfect contrast, and tartan inspired by the Scottish Highland with processed fabrics multi-strand, and no shortage of clothing […]

Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

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Invited from around the world, get jiggy! The ceremonial winter clothes this year really allow to range from one style to another, making the choice of the interesting look. You are invited to a wedding or a very chic ceremony easier, you can find the suitable outfit thanks to proposals (it seems ironic to talk about proposals in an article dedicated just to marry) […]

Chic Wedding Guest Dresses

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There are not many occasions to wear formal dresses long and, when the right requires marriage, the chic invited can indulge themselves and choose the most suitable dress to your taste. Wear a long dress ceremony can be difficult: the advice is to wear a model suitable to your appearance is your style. To choose the right dress along the type of ceremony […]