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Street Style Boyfriend Jeans

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Casual and comfortable is the section of the boyfriend jeans. Here you get a few styling tips.


What distinguishes the boyfriend jeans?

A pair of boyfriend jeans expected, as the name suggests, in such a way as if it came straight from the wardrobe of the loved one. So you sit a little looser on the hip, is not very figure-stressed and in the thigh a little further. Most of them has a distinct Distressed and is turned inside out, finally, the friend is slightly larger. Overall, it is therefore a casual jeans model especially for the comfortable, casual look.


Who can wear boyfriend jeans?

The boyfriend jeans concealed by the loose fit easily a few problem areas. So it offers enough legroom for strong thighs. A large Po is laminated in this section. Women with short upper body benefit from the collar, sitting a little lower on the hip. To win added a little length. If you have a rather flat bottom or a small waist, you can cut also wear well: The wide shape of the pants light curves are added cheated.


Stylish Caps Wearing Guide for Men

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Cap in typical Neff fashion. Stylish and unmistakably

What’s her purse for women, which is the men’s ball cap. Caps are popular accessories for men. In the women they are fashionable headgear, especially in the summer, very popular. Caps and hats dress up any outfit – whether sporty or casual. Free to feel and occasion you can choose between many different styles and materials. Cotton, linen or polyester are just some of them. The designs range from simple models in muted colors, to elaborate prints, 3D embroidered logos or leather fire patches.


The Hat is the most popular hat of our time. It is the international flagship of American sports. Originally it was the players on the field as a sunscreen. To date, it is part of the outfit and the most important merchandise articles at all. Since the 70s integrate youth cultural movements like snowboarders, skateboarders or the hip-hop scene, baseball hats in their style repertoire.


How to Look Fashion with Capri Jeans

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Capri Jeans or 7/8 Jeans: Where is the difference?

The difference between Capri Jeans and 7/8 Jeans make a few centimeters, because the two models do not mean the same thing. Capris have a 3/4-length and ends thus just below the knee. Jeans 7/8 length end just above the ankle or below the calf. So they are definitely longer than capris. 7/8 jeans are in spring and autumn popular when it or just is finally still warm. You have in the winter but also the perfect boot length if you do not like wearing pants in the shoes. Capri Jeans however clearly belong to the summer pants.


Which character are capris and 7/8 Jeans?

Capris and 7/8 Jeans put the legs in the spotlight. Through its snug fit they are women best with shapely legs. But not every slender woman benefited: The shortened legs let the body size as a whole appear smaller, so the pants little women not necessarily flattering. In addition, the narrow section reveals not only any excess fat, but are also great hips and very thin legs award. but Try always worthwhile: At a little belly you should choose high-cut models, wide hips, you can cover up with broad, long tops.

Ladies Parka Coats New Look

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Classic dunforet parka for women from Canada Goose. Trillium Parka is one of the most classic women’s jackets in the Canada Goose collection. Parkaen has a wide elastic in the back, with the possibility of additional adjustment, which emphasizes the female hourglass figure. Trillium Parka is lined with 100% dun of the best quality. Canada […]

Headwear Accessories- Beanies

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Beanies in pink, gray and blue of element Beanies are now just as suitable for everyday use, such as T-shirts and jeans. No matter what season it displays in the calendar, a casual headwear always fits and gives you the extra dose of style. And what has been around more practical than a beanie if […]

Beautiful Dresses for Pregnancy from Canada

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Beautiful dresses, you can never have too many of. And even if you are pregnant, it’s still really nice to be able to take good care. So look this beautiful dress, from Mamalicious wait. It is in an absolutely stunning blue color, which is not to stand for. The dress is with short sleeves. It […]

Bergans 3-in-1 Jackets for Women

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Bergans 3-in-1 jacket from is a versatile jacket for everyday life and leisure use. It consists of an outer jacket that protects you from rain and wind, as well as an inside jacket in wool and synthetic fibers, which keeps you warm. This is detachable, why the layers can be used independently of each other. […]

Lightweight and Waterproof Down Jackets for Women

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Down jacket is made for active women who do not want to compromise on quality and weight. Slingsbytind down jacket can be compressed so that it can be ready for the breaks in toplommen on the backpack. Clearly a future favorite! Bergans Slingsbytind jacket is made of a lightweight and waterproof outer material, and insulated […]

Delicious Shirts for Women

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Shirts for women are available in several different models and in many variations. They are fit for the relaxing of Sunday, the classic at work or the elegant for a festive occasion. And one more thing that is so great about shirts is that you can both wear skirt and pants for. Here, we have […]

Stylish Men’s Hats

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A wide selection of trendy hats are offered for fashion-conscious men. The hats emphasize a stylish style and at the same time casual lifestyle and make you look always well dressed. There are hats in classic shapes and colors like black and grey, which are spiced up with fashionable stripe patterns, art springs and colorful prints. […]

Well-ventilated and Tight-fitting Cycling Gloves

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The well-ventilated and tight-fitting Index Air from POC is super cycling gloves for use in the summer months, where you assign to maximum control over the isolation. The gloves are created in a tight fitting design that offers a super feel for handlebars, gears and brakes thanks to the flexible and stretchy material and wear-resistant […]

Buying Guide for Men’s Socks

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It is the small details that round out a look and this includes socks. Whether sporty, elegant or colorful, the socks should fit perfectly to the respective outfit. Because the choice of models is large, you can find the matching men’s socks for every occasion. A few questions will help you when deciding between everyday […]

Multi Way Maternity Dress

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Nice mini dress you with a snap can transform into the most beautiful blouse with Wrinkly effect at the bottom. Or to a tunka. In other words, a piece of multi functional maternity clothes from Swedish Boob! Yet a dress with multi functions from Boob: acts as wait dress and tightens you lines in the […]