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Huge Deals on Sneakers with Smartguy

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I don’t think that you can get too many sneakers, so when there suddenly is 50% discount sneakers, I think it is worth checking out.

It’s not every day that it is possible to get so many new sneakers without having to pay a lot of money for it. So let us take a closer look at what you can get.

PUMA sneakers

These Puma shoes are reduced from 799,75 us $. For me has always been one of my favorite Puma sneakers brands. I think they’re doing some cool designs. In addition, I cringe to the cross and to admit that I like the Puma shoes, as they pretty much always have a wide sole. These shoes are no exception.

They can both available in black/white and grey/yellow. I like both models, so I’m not quite sure which color I choose yet.

Oxide sneakers

It is not, because it is the coolest shoes in the world. But they are pretty simple in white. You can also get them in red.

I think they are worth investing in the pga. the price. You will not find cheaper sneakers than those here. Especially the White is 99,75 cent’s worth.

Vans sneakers
They are put down by 54%, and if you have long been looking for a pair of cheap sneakers from Van, this is where your opportunity.

There is not really some reason why I write so much about them, if you’ve read to read more about them, you can read more on

You need to buy them, as you well know that you’d like to own a pair of sneakers from Hummel. These army colored is pretty cool, and if you do not already have a pair of sneakers, is it just Hummel with to get started.
But there is so much more deals on sneakers on their website, which you can check out. Last I checked in there, there were 164 sneakers on sale. So hurry up if you are missing a pair of sneakers.

Maternity Wear for Everyday and Special Occasions

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Maternity wear, maternity clothes and nursing wear, yes, dear child has many names! For where it is nice that there are lots of lovely maternity clothes that both look good, follow the current trend, the stomach out sharply and at the same time are comfortable to wear! At Directoryaah, we have over the years been closely following the latest trends in maternity and nursing wear and we want with all our hearts to find clothes that ease strange and wonderful to be pregnant woman! For you to enjoy the time you are pregnant and care for yourself and your child in the stomach!

Maternity Wear for Everyday and Special Occasions

The maternity wear has in recent years evolved to have dual function and also serve as nursing wear, which is quite convenient and smart! You’ll find of course a lot of on, just as you will find maternity wear for both everyday and special occasions. So are you a waiting dress for the party, yes even to the wedding, so you will find a large selection of festive wait gowns and wedding dresses that have room for a pregnant belly. The same applies to clothing top drawer, where we carry a wide selection of maternity clothes inside out!

Ecology is close to our heart. There are several organic maternity clothes, look for brands like boob, Love and Milk Milker if organic matter to you. Quality is also important for us, so we prefer clothes that last. Remember, you are something special, even when you are pregnant and when you get to use the clothes you buy a lot, it is important that it fits well, is comfortable, fills you with pleasure and makes you happy!

Find your favorite bra wait here, the special dress, basic-wait blouse, the indispensable wait jeans or wait pants. Find also delicious knits and sweaters, you can certainly use after you have given birth. Find nourishing tea and body care from Into Life and Herbal Salvation and the most amazing pregnancy jewelry with sound from Paris. Find clothes from bla Rosemunde not Maternity, but still can be used. And a wide selection of blah Amoralia, Cake, Carriwell, Love2wait, Mamaka, mamalicious, Pomkin, Queen Mum, Seraphine and others. Big congratulations on the pregnancy!

Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers for Your Kids in School

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Many have written to us and asked if we can not give more examples on sneakers. In particular, the Nike Air force 1 ask many after.

So I’ve looked around a bit on the Internet and looked where they can be purchased at, and here are examples of some cool Nike Air force 1 sneakers.

You can also check it out on, if you want to see lots of cool Nike Air force 1 sneakers. They have a lot of fat, but I’ve failed them here, then you must order them home from the United States, and I have been burned many times with Danish customs, so it bothered I so no more. You run the risk that your sneakers suddenly increases by 100 percent The bother I sure as hell don’t. But check them out anyway since it is a cool website. In addition, you can also always take over Foot Lockers numerous shops. I have not investigated, how many places they are. But I know that they exist on Strøget, since I often have been in there. Their range is just not as large as abroad.

But let’s get started by looking at all these cool sneakers.

Air Force 1 from Nike Sportswear


The here is real popular, and I’ve seen a great many, like running around with them. Currently you can also buy them too small $ 100, so it’s a really good investment, if you are going out and buying your first pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.

As you can see in the picture, are these completely white with a green logo. You can also get them in white with blue border and logo. They cost actually only 399 USD right now, so they are definitely worth checking out. Check them out here.

Them in the picture cost $ 599.

Check them out here
Nike Air Force 1 sneakers high


Yes these Nike Air Force 1 is in beige, and I would like to admit, that it is not all that is man enough to pull them off. But if you are a giant sneaker nerd, I am sure that you also just need this pair.

I think they are fat.

They cost $ 949.

Check them out here
Nike Air Force 1 sneakers high

Nike AIR FORCE1 MID ‘ 07 Sneakers high

These high sneakers is in the same style as the others. But they are a bit more neutral than those in beige and yet not.

For it is a couple of really flashy sneakers, as it probably is not quite fair to call for for blacks, as they do before on Zalando. For no one who sees you with these on, will think that you have black sneakers on. You will attract attention with these on, and if you want a few neutral sneakers that you can wear to business suits, etc., then you should definitely not buy these.

But they’re still fucking cool. It must also be said that Li is available in pure white and pure black, so you can easily get them as more neutral. It worked just isn’t as interesting to show on this page.

But if you are looking for this type in black, then you should definitely check these out, for it you can so easily get. So if you’re crazy about the model but not with the color so choose another model.

They cost $ 899.

Check them out here

Later I promise that I will write a bit more about the many other Nike sneakers that you can buy. I’m considering a little, it becomes a longer guide about the many sneakers that you can buy from Nike. There are also many other Nike Force models, so there is enough to take hold of.

How many Nike Air Force sneakers do you own?

Buying a Warm Scarf for the Coming Winter

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You’ve probably already a warm scarf, as the summer months very soon are over. Soon comes the winter. I hope so anyway. If you are missing a warm scarf for men, you can just get one from Wholesaleably at $1.90 and you don’t need to pay shipping fee. So it’s really worth it, that is […]

Choosing a Hiking Shoe for Women

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When you are going on a hiking or soft trekking is a set of solid footwear is a must-have. The rugged sole makes that you can find solid foothold on virtually any surface. In addition, contributing to the high, strong and supportive ankle to your feet, ankles and provide for optimum support, and this reduces […]

Running Shoes with Spikes for Women: Adidas & Nike

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Running shoes with spikes for women Do not prevent the weather and seasons! With a couple of cool running spikes for sport you can cross virtually any terrain. When conditions are harsh, have running shoes with spikes for ladies no substitute! The powerful spikes of iron makes sure that you can find a foothold and […]

Best Running/Walking Shoes for Beginners

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Walking running shoes for beginners It is a myth that one can only cultivate “real” exercise by running. In fact, there are incredibly great results to be gained by racewalking and perfectly normal again. That is why a number of the world’s leading footwear producers developed a type of shoe, which is specially designed in […]