15 Reasons Why You Never Wear Clothing

I constantly wear some clothes without thinking about it. Often not even more striking me, if they fade slowly, stretching out or show other signs of aging. At least until the next Closet inventory. In other pieces of clothing, I wonder why I always still not have had on them. Because they lurk in nearly every wardrobe: the parts that are never worn. Do you know the phenomenon? Perhaps you have also these “stepchildren” in your wardrobe. Maybe to even take them out, trying to put together an outfit and then place them to the side. The best you can see such unused clothes at the end of the season. After the summer is almost over, would be the time now, to make a small summary: what summer clothes – whether you have so far not even worn now timeless basics or fashionable parts -? Do you know why?

If you can answer these questions, you have learned a lot about yourself, your life, your character and your perfect base wardrobe. Because your Fehlkäufe tell as much about you, such as your clothing style. Also, you can save money with the analysis of your orphaned stepchildren. According to the motto “problem detected, problem averted” increases the likelihood that you avoid future similar Fehlkäufe. So, are you? Here are 15 typical reasons why clothes are not worn and a few additional questions. What comes out? Their whole Personal shopping-negative list according to VINTAGESFINDER.

15 reasons why you are not wearing clothes

  1. The style of the garment does not suit you. Is it too strict, too lovely, too sexy, too good, to elegant, to correct, to extravagant, too…?
  2. The cut of the garment makes lush you, as you are, or not properly seated. Is the garment too small or too far? Where is the garment or what body area is accented, which is not convenient for you? Which detail exactly does it do?
  3. The cut or style of the garment does not match with other parts of your closet, can be hardly combined. Why? It’s the wide, narrow, length, soon in certain places? Or on the stylistic impression of the piece? Compare the garment with others of the same kind, which often combine to try to make you, the decisive cut or style difference!
  4. The color of the garment fits easily to any outfit in your closet. Match the color at all your color type? Check whether you have the right base and accent colors in the closet and stay with your choice!
  5. The pattern is not really available or you feel is not really good. Is it too sweet or too hard for you? Is it too contrasty or too pale, too big or too small for you?
  6. The material not feels good on the skin, scratching, sticks to the skin, electrically charged or similar. Which material or material composition is concerned?
  7. The Fabric quality does not match your character or your lifestyle. The material is too stiff, falls to schlabbrig, is too much, stuck on the pads, tells too much, is too rough, too fine, too sensitive, to weld susceptible, too care intensive, crease too quickly or something similar. What material is it?
  8. Her taste has changed, you simply no longer like the part. You have simply don’t want to put it. Do you have an idea of why this is so? Will that change any time soon?
  9. You have too many similar pieces of clothing in your wardrobe (there are not many people who need really ten black T-Shirts). Insert shopping stop for these parts!
  10. You have too many alternative outfits for same occasions and can bear no more all pieces of clothing. Buy anything more on these occasions, until a few have worn the garments or sorted out!
  11. The garment is portable only on certain occasions, which unfortunately did not exist last season. Is it foreseeable reflect such events in your life?
  12. The garment can be worn only at very specific climatic conditions, unfortunately not occurred in the last season (it was too hot, too cold, you were on vacation not at sea, etc.). Is it foreseeable reflect such climatic conditions?
  13. The part is possible only at very specific climatic conditions and worn on certain occasions (the very elegant, bright sandals with 12 cm heel, that fit only to fine events in dry weather and where are so can… be you not long walking on the road and certainly not dance You know exactly what I mean, or?). Do you think that there will ever be a situation in which meet all necessary criteria?
  14. You have no jacket, Blazer or coat that might wear over a dress with the piece of clothing (for example because it is too long, at a certain point has very much volume etc.). Or this you have not the right to wear the outfit (for example body-shaping underwear). Will this ever change?
  15. They have no proper shoes or the shoes that you would have to put on this, are uncomfortable.

You will find surely other reasons why you have never worn a specific piece of clothing – or certain shoes, scarves, belts, etc. -. If you now compile your findings from the above list, from your shopping-negative list. On my list would be, for example:

“I don’t buy…
… Garments with floral pattern and frills anymore because they are too lovely.
… too short blouses that slip out of pants – and waistband.
… White T-Shirts in thin fabric that hangs on pads or is too transparent.
… sleeveless tops or dresses which unfavourably to emphasize my upper arms.
… Upper parts made of materials that must be cleaned.
… Jackets or Blazers, which only up to the waist and are kastig.
… Jackets and chunky knit sweater.
… Shoes where I can run not at least 4 hours.
… white pants, because I have too many of them.”

I think you see the whole thing amounts to what. Such a negative list is incredibly valuable and protected before, again and again to make the same or similar costly mistakes. If you are met with this analysis but on a piece of clothing, that they never have worn this summer, although there is no reason at all: you wear it at last, before autumn comes!

Now I’m naturally curious how your negative list looks and what step-children welcome you in your closet…

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