11 Keys of Elegance: Special Accessories

A good wardrobe It is important, but over time you have learned that the real importance is to have a good pair of shoes.

We need tor aderstand the differences between a man with style and one Ultra slim. In the field of the men they have nothing to do the accessories that women love; It is not a golden chain that makes him look ostentatious.

These are the keys that many men tend to give guaranteed, as a belt, twins, a good lapiceria, etc. Accessories can give the touch of distinction that needs both at work and in social life.

The dressing and the trends for yourself is important. However, the use of appropriate accessories will be the indispensable so that the people that surrounds it knows that you have style.

Then we offer 11 keys to take over the helm of the elegance.
* Key 1: TieYou can have many ties, but that doesn’t mean that it has necktie, that that single image by itself to a shirt. If you want to buy a tie made by a designer, make the investment only if there is a noticeable difference.
Thus, while (especially the diagonals) stripes or polka dots enliven a suit or a shirt, a simple tie, as a black or grey satin, it should not be dismissed.

  • Key 2: Twins / hold ties
    The twins are men jewelry, you have to enjoy the effect on a dress shirt. Silver and monogrameados, unique and antique, adorned with a Pearl or rhinestone, there is a multitude of options for any style. For the subject ties, with a clip silver or gold will give a subtle touch to any shirt.
  • Key 3: Ticket holder
    A must for every man who wants to distinguish itself. By using a good bra tickets, you will see the annoying resulting wallet in the back pocket of your pants. In a portfolio, we have to fight with fabrics that destroy to take the form of practical wallet.
    If you want to continue using wallets buy one that is leather (preferably black).
    The advice is to use a pinch of tickets. Both stainless steel and black leather are distinguished.
  • Key 4: belt
    The belt should match your shoes. What you need to know is that a stylish belt is a necessity for anyone with style.
    Your best choice will always be a belt of black leather with a Silver buckle. Of course, we will need some other models like brown leather, hemp or suede fabric.
    The belt of black leather that is a must for dress pants, suits and other distinguished pieces.
  • Key 5: bagBoth Brown and black, a leather portfolio is truly practical to transport your documents or belongings, such as keys, money or your palm.
    It will look like a person important and distinguished. A poor nylon bag is not the same as a refined leather bag.
  • Key 6: business card holderThe power of a perfect business card It multiplies when you removed it from a card holder instead of a pocket. Thus, ensures that the cards are kept in good condition and that partners and customers noticing.
  • Key 7: penA pen can not be ordered to sign a contract in the middle of a business meeting.
    It is essential that a man has a sophisticated pen handmade. A good pen with gold than a rounded tip pen will be most appropriate. The correct pen, is a piece of jewelry that every man of business should always be ready for use.
  • Key 8: clockThe clock is an obligation for all. If it is than tend to wear jewelry, it has no excuses for not using a good watch. Choose a watch powerful, elegant, sophisticated, and of course, by the time. The style that you choose should be a reflection of his person. If you see a Omega or a Breitling whenever you look in the mirror, but you can’t pay them, there are brands that can do a good job.
  • Key 9: umbrellaThe umbrella is one of those things that are given by certain: if it is nice, no one will notice their presence, but it is one of those bought in stores of offers, all will pay you attention.
    It is necessary that your umbrella is dark, in a way that looking powerful in the fist of the man. It is not necessary to be branded. And if those that come two people, without an additional advantage…
  • Code 10: Scarf and black leather glovesThe scarf is an accessory that can not be released to chance or to the tastes of the grandmothers. You need a scarf that embrace it with style and comfort. Black, charcoal or camel, with points extra if it’s cashmere is recommended. On the other hand, leather gloves will give you the touch of sophistication most of the men want to have, and do not even know how.
  • Key 11: lighterIf you like to enjoy tobacco already is a delicious Cuban cigar, an elegant wooden pipe, or simply a cigarette, a good silver lighter can serve as an icebreaker or as a topic of conversation. Remember that it is an accessory for the nightlife.