Wedding Dresses Trends

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The gowns for brides who will go up on the altar in 2012 are classic, vintage but also freely inspired by the Princely States like those Kate Middleton. Let’s take a look at trends in wedding dresses spring summer 2012 at aristmarketing.

Are you ready to get on the altar but have not yet purchased the gown? Let’s see what are the trends for 2012 wedding. Princely States, sober and why not vintage, there is something for everyone and for every need, just a little patience and you will find the dress of your dreams. Read more…

Swimwear Ralph Lauren Reviews

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Ralph Lauren has in Serbia for us a collection of swimwear for the ‘summer 2012 really very beautiful that ranges between models inspired by a more sophisticated style and class, in the tradition of the brand in the end, and the liveliest models and saucy dedicated to fashion victims young people can choose from colorful prints and especially floral, striped designs and striking colors. in the wake of all the major brands ready to experiment without forgetting refinement and style, Ralph Lauren also thinks a summer collection of costumes from all discover: let’s give it a peek into detail.

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Men’s Retro Jeans

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Because we fashion RETRO JEANS close and we love it, I would this time also focused on menswear collection, about which we have not yet written. We always took pics of women rather things, but the men are just as amazing! It would be a shame not to show it. 🙂

Just as we girls, the guys love to get dressed nicely and what we will talk when the guy nicely and cleanly dressed, right at him better looking! 🙂

The RETRO JEANS find suits, no, but casual, sporty fashion designed more for free time. Not only will you look good, but you’ll feel in your clothes very well, because the models are comfortable, made of soft materials.

Summer collection this time bet on the favorite denim and camo! Both are immortal, always returning to fashion, or that rather out of fashion never worked ??! 🙂

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Sunglasses Yves Saint Laurent

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Yves Saint Laurent presents his impeccable collection of sunglasses, a line that tends to reward particularly oversized models, as is evident from the Advaita you see beginning of the article. The French brand among other things, interprets the spirit of spring in his way, declining iconic and well-established forms, in the current fashion colors, from red to purple to magenta, but without penalizing the evergreen colors like black and brown that at the end are those who adore fashion victims. This year in which the choice between the big brands is very varied, Yves Saint Laurent also experiences in the field of cat-eye, let us see what were the results.

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Lingerie: Women Uniqueness

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The actual underwear is nothing new, but constantly bring new designs, materials and designs. Do you prefer originality or wear comfortably? Stores have a choice of many designs and materials. Just peep and suddenly you do not know who modýlek try first, second, and what to leave with heavy hearts stock suppliers.

Variations on the theme of chic

In lingerie should a woman feel irresistibly while safely. You think I was in no danger so why talk about safety? Really not? Just think for a restless under wired they almost take your eye briefs on the side unravel, decorative hem for pants also, when you wonder what you saw in his beautiful colorful design. And that’s not all, the substance may irritate the skin after washing looks two sizes larger, and so on. Elegance at first sight is one thing, after selecting a quality second. Exactly why you need pay extra for sensual push-up bra Wanilia in a charming combination of cream, chocolate and pink shades, while the famously sophisticated and moreover visually irresistible? You can be the perfect accompaniment to tango from the same collection, and the spacing between the cups through lacing set according to actual needs.

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Short Dresses for Parties of 15 Years

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If you are in the midst of celebrations of 15 years each weekend, insurance you will like much interested that we bring you today, where we’re going to introduce some new features in elegant and short dresses for parties of 15 years.

In these short 15 years party dresses we can see colors very bright and striking, which were certainly very flattering for quinceañeras, in addition to designs that have help them Stylize your fix, to look even more beautiful

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Swimwear Tory Burch

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Tory Burch presents his splendid collection of swimwear for the summer 2012 and just as we noticed looking through the catalogs of other collections of the big brands, the model that is valued is still that of the one-piece swimsuit. Tory Burch obviously enriches exploiting fantasies and vivid color combinations and barazzini, reasons that are also included in the bikini line, both on the triangular models, and on those with cup and under wire and also the inevitable bands. A complete collection but also allows for less eccentric and more sophisticated variants. Let’s take a look together at the swimwear line license plate Tory Burch.

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Tips for Choosing a Backpack

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During walks, there is only one option when it comes to getting all the clothes and stuff. Yes, two, if you have someone else carry it for you, but otherwise it’s probably backpack that apply.

Longer tours with much packing requires backpack with frame. The backpack gets more charter, and it is easier to fasten equipment while on the outside, such as tents and the like. The framework also means that better ventilation at the back. On the other hand, takes the backpack rather much space if you should stow it into, say, a car, and when climbing or very hilly terrain, the high center of gravity be a disadvantage.

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Katie Holmes e la Salopette Jeans

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Properly indoctrinated by her friend Victoria Beckham, undisputed queen of the fashionistas of all time, Katie Holmes seems to have taken the golden path of fashion like a fairy tale. Every step a dream accessory, a handbag inaccessible to ordinary mortals and stilosissimi clothes, so that fashion seemed to have gone to his head.

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How to Choose the Right Yoga Clothing (for Women)

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If you are looking for to start the kind of yoga and not you sure what clothing you should get, this article will give you the basic tips that you should take into account before going to the shops.


  1. If you are looking for comfortable clothes of fitness to your yoga class, great news is that there is now a wide selection of yoga clothing for women. Yoga clothing should ideally be a little loose and it must also be free of different patterns that rub on the skin and cause irritation. Clothing must provide freedom of movement without restrictions that would make some hard stretching exercises.
  2. Today, the majority of the sportswear is made of materials that absorb moisture from the skin leaving it dry. This will make it easier to keep the body cool during the yoga class so much more enjoyable exercise. Wearing clothing made of cotton that held the sweat can make clothes feel heavy and uncomfortable and should be avoided.
  3. In addition, try to avoid Bras that have seams or closures which will become uncomfortable during the fiscal year. Because so many yoga poses are made which are set on the table, which has patterns on the back will feel uncomfortable. Sports or the yoga bra can give the freedom to stretch and give enough support. If you want to get more for their money, with built-in Bras sport sleeveless vests are the perfect solution, giving you the comfort of a bra top fitness and sports in one.
  4. Maintain body temperature maintained during warm-up exercises is the key to yoga, so wear comfortable can two layers of clothing if required. Hooded zipper sweatshirts are ideal for this purpose since it will be removed easily when the body temperature begins to increase. Cropped cardigans will be very useful for the period of warming in the yoga session.
  5. The choice of a top yoga really depends on personal taste and confidence. Cut out bra tops give together freedom to keep you cool during the exercise. Loose-fitting t-shirts provide ventilation and make sure that there are no restrictions during his tenure.
  6. Yoga pants come in many styles and colors. Long pants that are released can give a perfect solution for a pleasant training. Capri pants Leggings or also allow the movement not restricted during yoga class. For more comfortable training and unrestricted movement is always better to choose pants with an elastic waist band.
  7. Yoga can be practiced in socks or bare feet. You will find that there is now a range of yoga socks (or pilates Socks) available in various colors and designs. There are two main types to choose from-middle finger of the foot or toe of the foot full options. They come with a non-slip sole that will provide additional balance when using the mat or making poses on the floor.
  8. Anyone who is clothes for the woman who decides that it is important to make sure that you match well and will allow you to move freely yoga. Check the seams to ensure there is no seam raw which can cause irritation or become uncomfortable during the exercise. The most important factor to remember is that a yoga should be a relaxing and fun experience.